Our Programs

Our array of dance programs aims to empower our community by meeting the following objectives:

– to help our community achieve health and wellness through dance and movement by offering offer classes both on and off-site that empower people to actively participate in their personal health and well-being while educating students on the body’s abilities to be self-aware, self-maintaining, self-healing and self-improving;

– to offer in-school and afterschool opportunities to students pre-K through 12 to receive exposure to the art of dance;

– to provide programs promoting health and wellness activities through movement to underserved populations and people living with disabilities;

– to provide dance classes at community parks and recreational centers in Michigan to people from economically disadvantaged communities, regardless of their ability to pay;

– to inspire young dancers through professional training and workshops taught by invited guest teachers and instructors; and

– to create avenues for social dancing to bring together our community and celebrate the joy of togetherness through dance classes, workshops, and live performances; and

– to host community festivals that celebrate a love dance while making dance accessible to all while bringing hope to humanity.